Opening Time: Mon – Sat: 9:30 am to 6:30 pm              Sunday: Closed              “Color Palette Productions”


Décor Design and Execution

With our expertise in decor designing, we will together conceptualize your

wedding decor. We will assist with creating, finalizing, and

executing a detailed wedding decor look.

Wedding Venue Selection

We help you choose the right venue that aligns with your vision.

We as planners are much more familiar with the capabilities of a space, the layout,

and the time and items you will need to really transform it.

Wedding Entertainment

From live musicians to DJs, Aerial acts to Bollywood Singers

from belly dancers to cultural dancers, from Nasik Dhol

to Kerala Traditional drums, our team will recommend and help you

hire services of the most amazing entertainers.

Wedding Collaterals

Our designers will create the most beautiful Wedding logo, save the dates, Wedding

Invites and other wedding stationery like Itineraries, Welcome Cards, and

Room tags etc giving your guest a feel of coming to a well

thought of wedding.

Vendor Management

Constant co-ordination with all booked vendors for seamless

on-time execution, follow up and cross checking to adhere to all

pre-stated requirements

Hospitality and Guest Management

We will handle the entire hospitality and logistics of the wedding where

our efficient team will manage right from RSVP, ground transportation, airport/ train

station welcome, rooming list, hotel stay, Internal transfers and departures

ensuring maximum comfort & convenience for you and your guests

Event Timeline Management

We believe that planning and managing a budget is one of the key

components of a wedding and therefore assist you in determination

and breakdown of the said budget.

Wedding Videography and Photography

We understand how pristine and important each moment of your wedding holds,

for these are once-in-lifetime jewel moments, and you would kill to relive the

same memories all over again, we will find you Wedding Videography and Photography

teams who are responsive to the feelings and promise to deliver the best that you deserve.