Opening Time: Mon – Sat: 9:30 am to 6:30 pm              Sunday: Closed              “Color Palette Productions”

Sonal & Gunwant Surana

Manisha I dreamt you fulfilled it You have executed each n every thought of mine superbly well it was just PERFECT .. Haldi and varmala decor n event was seriously breathtaking we loved it way too much .. Could never imagine anyone else do such a wonderful execution Special thanks to your team who were… Continue reading Sonal & Gunwant Surana

Krishna & Udit Patel

Manisha and her team are so on point with everything. There are so many things we did not think of which her team would help us incorporate. All my decor ideas and themes were converted into reality by her team. On the day of wedding there was unexpected rainfall, but Manisha and team managed that… Continue reading Krishna & Udit Patel

Ashok Salecha, Kohinoor Marbles Blr.

Let me share my heartfelt wishes to the incredible efforts that you have strived and created a wedding concept of an extremely high standards. We all have visualized and integrated innumerable themes to a vibrant elegant fragrance of bliss and joy. Wonderful sincere efforts to be cherished forever. Manisha you have that Midas touch.

Aishwarya Bhagat

I had Manisha plan out my engagement and I was overwhelmed by everything that was done! From decor, lighting to executing the entire show, they were brilliant! The set up surpassed by expectations and looked beautiful. I’d like to thank you for making my special day so amazing! Thank you

Megha Rishabh Jain

Manisha and her team are fantastic people to work with- we would recommend Events by Manisha Porwal. The best part about them is that they totally own the wedding as a family member would and do not hesitate to get involved in everything irrespective of what work was decided in the beginning. Absolutely in love… Continue reading Megha Rishabh Jain

Suresh Pirgal

Thank You would be very small to say for the event & décor you had planned. It was brilliant and above expectation. Thank you for entertaining the audience till the last moment. I wish you never turn back in your life & achieve all the levels.

Devesh & Madhu

Thank you for making my wedding a memorable one, we are so happy that we met you and will always count you as one of our most important friend. God truly gave you a gift and you are using it to bring happiness and serenity to people like us. You are amazing.

Krishan & Karuna

Manisha and her team were thorough professionals. They gave us a lovely all-round experience and planned every detail stupendously. Lovely people with a helping nature which made everything seamless. I recommend them for all your wedding needs so that you can enjoy your day with no hassles.