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Introducing Micro Weddings


A micro wedding is an intimate affair, typically with no more than 50- 150 guests. They still feature time-honored traditions that make a wedding but on a much smaller scale.

In the land of big, fat, Indian weddings, a sizeable number of couples are opting for an intimate experience, marked by simplicity. Why?

Because in the age of 24×7 visibility, bigger does not always mean better. “Every aspect of our lives is so exposed to the rest of the world these days, courtesy social media, that an intimate, cozy setting seems more unique than the usual band, baaja baarat,” Most couples going the minimal way do not worry about size, scale , Planners say this is a growing tribe.

Manisha Porwal Chouraria, wedding planner, feels size still matters but she gives her own ‘personalized’ twist. “Intimate weddings are little weddings with a big heart”. One perk of a minimal wedding is more personalized social interaction with guests. It also a great way to keep every detail personalized. “You may have a shorter guest list, but you can splurge on a customized décor element”.

Mind you, the band, baaja and tamasha is not missing completely but the scale is smaller.
Planning well still matters: Manisha Porwal has an advice for young couples planning a micro wedding, “A wedding is a wedding at the end of the day. In fact, since these are personalized affairs, more attention to details is needed by the bride and groom. They need to be involved in the process from the word go.”

Also, don’t confuse the micro wedding with an elopement, which implies a spontaneous, quick wedding with few (if any) guests. The micro wedding contains all the elements of a traditional ceremony, including a beautiful venue, photographer, cake, and decor. The difference is that it’s on a much smaller scale.

Tips for Micro Wedding’s:
– Customised decor are in vogue
– Splurge on things you really love: be it flowers or food.
– Plan your guest list to include the very nearest and dearest.
– Splurge on special elements customised to your taste; things that wouldn’t be possible with a bigger budget.
– Play your kind of music.
– Take time to talk to your guests.
– Choose a destination or venue that is unique – mountain top, beach or a beautifully-decorated garden.
– Make guests participate in activities so that they feel involved and special.


Sounds good to us! Ready to go micro? We turned to the pros for the planning tips you’ll need to make this small-scale celebration as memorable as a ballroom blowout bash.


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